Helping Our Kids Grieve

As hard as grief is for an adult, it can be especially challenging for a child. It can be confusing. When I work with kids & family who are grieving, I talk with them about happy memories, fun things they did with their loved ones..  I normalize their feelings. I talk with them about creating rituals around remembering their loved one. It could be cooking a favorite food, hiking in a favorite spot, watching a favorite show/movie & so on. I share my experience of losing my grandfather when I was 10 years old or losing my grandmother as an adult. One of my favorite memories of my grandfather is when he would dance with my grandmother while singing a song. His love for her was amazing. One of my favorite memories of my grandmother is her cooking. She always had a coffee cake in her freezer & would pull out 2 pieces when she knew either my mom, sister or I were coming over. My grandmother was an amazing cook & I am happy when I am making her recipes.

I have included some great articles about grief as well as links for some great books & journals for children.

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