Parenting Tip #19 The Importance of Teaching Our Kids How to Listen

One of the ways we can teach our kids how to listen is by modeling. It is important to give our full attention (I know this can be challenging given how busy our lives our), give good eye contact, ask questions & repeat &/or summarize what we have heard.  It is also important that we check to see if our kids are listening by asking follow up questions. For example, when I am asking my kids to do something, I ask them to repeat what I just asked them. I do this in part to check for listening, reinforce that I am asking them to do something & when they do listen, it gives me an opportunity to praise them! Another way we can model how to listen is by asking questions. When we ask our kids questions, it gives us an opportunity to demonstrate that we are interested in hearing what they have to say.

Here is a great article about how asking questions can help us become better listeners.

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