Celebrating Our Kids Graudations & Promotions

Sorry it has been so long since I have blogged. To say it has been a busy month is an understatement. My family & I were blessed to celebrate our kids graduations along with our friends kids too. Our adventure began on Wednesday 5/29/28 with celebrating my stepdaughter's Baccalaureate Mass that evening & then her high school graduation the next evening! We were/are so proud of what she has accomplished & even was given a shout out by the valedictorian during her closing speech about her service/volunteer hours. Yes my caring stepdaughter completed over 600 service hours in the 4 years she was in high school. She has dedicated & committed herself to working with Hooves for Harmony, a non-profit that provides Equine Therapy for Children with Special Needs. Through this volunteering she has had other opportunities including providing support to children with special needs at day camps in the summer. Now she is preparing to head over seas for college!

Our next graduation was for my stepson on Friday 6/15/18. My husband decided that he wanted to watch him walk in the procession. So he waited & waited & low & behold he was the last one to walk in. Though his grades were not stellar & we (I) often worried that he would lose his acceptance to college as a result of said grades, it has all turned out fine. My stepson found his passion at 15 1/2 years old as a Fire Explorer.  He has dedicated himself to this program every Sunday & this spring went to a week long camp for Fire Explorers. Additionally, 2 summers ago he was invited along with his father & brother for a backpacking trip in Washington which of course meant a long car trip with friends & family, lots of fun times hiking & fishing & overall creating amazing memories. He really wanted to go but was enrolled in an EMT course at the local community college. The trip was planned for finals week. He even asked if he could take his exams early & was told he could not. At `16 years old, he made a very adult decision & decided to stay & complete his class. Currently he is enrolled in a paramedic program that has him going to school Monday - Thursday from 8-5pm. His dedication is definitely something to be proud of. This fall he will be headed out of state for a fire science program. Of course we are proud, excited, nervous, worried, & many more feelings knowing our son is headed for a profession that holds many risks but overall we are proud.

Lastly, my eldest stepson graduated college on Sunday 6/17/18. This involved getting on a plane & traveling out of state. Staying an extra day so we could have quality time with him after his mom left town as we did not want to create tension & wanted him to truly enjoy his graduation! Leading up to this he changed major from Marine Biology to Environmental Sciences. What makes this not only a good decision for him but an important one at the end is that he graduate with his Bachelor of Arts in 4 years. That is an amazing accomplishment in this day & age when so many kids are not able to get enrolled in the classes they need to graduate. The other thing that makes us so proud is to see how much he has grown as a young man in the last 4 years. He is confident, funny, outgoing, adventurous, & kind. To see his big bright smile as he walked in for graduation was amazing! Granted college graduations are much different from high school in that there were 1200 graduates which meant the ceremony last a solid 3 1/2 hours! My stepson has made the decision to stay in Washington which meant the weeks leading up to graduation he had to find a place to live & now needs to find a job. His love of the outdoors led him to a job last summer & an internship this spring cataloging local indigenous plants, trees, etc. I know with some focus & dedication he will find the job he wants.

Again, sorry for the lengthy delay in blogging. I was overwhelmed with our 3 graduates & wanted to focus on them! To those of you that have children, relatives &/or friends that graduated, CONGRATULATIONS!! I hope you were able to enjoy the celebrations!!

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