How We Experience Trauma

I think it is important that we understand trauma & the impact it can have on us individually & as a family. I know so many of us our triggered right now with the dense smoke & warnings to stay inside because of the air quality. Of course we are also triggered by school closures that have a lot of us as parents scrambling to find child care or even take time off of work to stay home. I know how triggering the stories of people escaping the fires is having on our community, county & state.

As I have shared in previous blogs my family & experienced a house fire almost 8 years ago. I still experience traumatic memories, occasional nightmares & flashbacks. I also become triggered by the smell of smoke, sight of the foggy haze of smoke and continue to have feelings of sadness & hopelessness especially during scary times such as the current wildfires.

I am also especially sad & concerned for all of California but especially Butte County. I was luck to have attended California State University, Chico for my Bachelors of Arts & Masters of Science in Psychology. I lived in Chico for 5 years & I have many fond memories of my time there.

I have included an article that reviews the most common reactions to trauma as well as a link for an app that helps kids cope & gives resources & information on how to talk to our kids about trauma.

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