Post Holiday Blues

It is very common to feel sad, tired & even depressed after the holidays. In reality it is common to have those feelings during the holidays too!  The hustle & bustle of the holidays & then the let down after all the activities have ended can feel like a big let down. Plus if their is tension in family relationships, it can create more feelings of frustration, sadness & disappointment.

I will admit, I struggled this holiday season. On one hand, I was happy that we were able to invite family & friends into our home for a tree decorating party. On the other hand, I was sad that not all of the family was able to make it. I found myself missing my family that is out of state & honestly had a much needed good cry. Once I was able to let my feelings out, I was able to move on with the festivities. 

I know I talk a lot about self-care but it is because it is vital. My emotions this holiday season ran high in part because I had been sick for a week, still had an annoying cough & struggled feeling congested. Additionally, I wasn't  eating much because my appetite had not recovered from being sick. Like a lot of people, I was feeling somewhat stressed about finances along with tensions in my family. So my routine & self- care have been off. As we move into the new year, my priority is to get my routine & self-care back on track. So, I am working on eating better, exercising, & spending quality  time with family & friends. 

I have included an article about the post holiday blues. Happy New Year! Please try to prioritize self-care!

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